Virgin’s airport luxury lounge features Apple iPods that’ll be incompatible with Virgin’s upcoming m

“Airlines are trying to come up with distinctions wherever possible in their luxury-class services, and lounge improvements are a core part of that effort. Virgin Atlantic is the latest to add to the lore of premium-class lounge opulence, with its new Virgin Clubhouse at Kennedy Airport,” Bob Tedeschi reports for The New York Times.

“The Clubhouse, which opened in February, is a study in architectural


  1. Why would the lounge be any luxurious without iPods, when the iPod itself it’s a luxury item?

    I doubt someone is going to walk in and say “My this place is luxurious. But where are the iPods? Are those Dell DJs? Well this 9/10 just became a 5/10.”

    The iPod rocks. But it’s not the lynchpin of luxury status.

  2. Take the iPods and stick Virgin stickers on them. Maybe some of the passengers won’t notice (yeah, right!). ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. They will be replaced with Creative Cinderbock CE players running Microsoft TinyMovie BloatCenter. This will be ready in 2010 as a revenue source for Microsoft as they enter the late stages of Longhorn development.

  4. And whose fault is it that Virgin’s service isn’t iPod compatible?

    Anyone have an answer for that?

    A real answer, instead of something pulled from their ass?

    Didn’t think so.

  5. Virgin Records and Virgin Airlines are separate companies that don’t have anything to do with each other. Branson sold the record label when he started the airline.

    This story is really stretching it as far as “news” goes.

  6. It is unfair to criticize other services and players for being incompatible with the iPod & iTunes, respectively. At this point in the game they don’t really have a choice.

    However, I’m not an advocate of opening up AAC/FairPlay to others – not yet.

  7. Branson is involved.

    Virgin to launch in-store downloads []
    Owen Gibson
    Wednesday March 10, 2004

    Branson: ‘We’re going to take digital music into the stratosphere’

    Sir Richard Branson plans to tackle the online threat to his Virgin record shops head-on by putting consoles in store that will allow users to download music directly to portable players.

  8. [And whose fault is it that Virgin’s service isn’t iPod compatible? Anyone have an answer for that? A real answer, instead of something pulled from their ass? Didn’t think so.]

    Fsck, you don’t give us very long to grunt out an answer.

    Anyway, I’ll bite. Whose fault is it?

  9. its apples fault for not licensing fairplay. do you really expect music stores, like virigin, to NOT get into online music sales? Ofcourse. And the ONLY option right now for them is to use microsofts drm.

  10. Just a small thought, If your only listening to music that has already been loaded on to an iPod that you dont own because it has been supplied( a bit like eating breakfast, you can eat the food and drink the tea or coffee but you dont take the cutlery with you afterwards) in the Virgin Clubhouse lounge, then why would you need to download music to a device that you can’t take with you?

    The article doesnt say anything about downloading music to take it just says that passengers will be able to listen to music on iPods in the lounge supplied by Virgin while waiting for their flights.

    It is only The Title of the article that says that the iPods will be incompatible with Virgin’s upcoming music service, not the article itself.

  11. Virgin Music Store’s in the UK sell iPods, as well as Music CDs. As we all know you can buy a music CD from a Virgin Mega Store and rip it to iTunes on your PC and then load the tracks onto your iPod. All Mac fans also know that you can’t download tracks from iTMS directly to your iPod without the use of a PC or Mac. The article doesnt mention anything about having PCs or Macs in the waiting lounge-
    “There are two shower rooms, stocked refrigerators and wireless Internet access. The lounge also serves freshly prepared meals, so travelers can get to sleep immediately after boarding. For preflight rest, the lounge features an alcove with a daybed and iPod digital music players, with headphones and a range of music”

    This would make the idea a savy bit of marketing from Virgins point of view. It gives the perception that Virgin is about Class and style as well as showing/giving its customers the iPod listening experince (especially if they dont already own one) and also gives them a chance to listen to some music that they may not already have in their own collection which they couls go and purchase from the Virgin Megastore at the Airport, possibly along with an iPod (all of which Virgin sells) to increase their listening enjoyment.

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