S&P: Apple among expected beneficiaries of U.S. computer hardware industry recovery

Apple, Dell, and IBM are expected to be beneficiaries of IT spending improvement, according to a Standard & Poor’s credit analyst, Martha Toll-Reed:

“Signs of growth are gradually emerging in the U.S. computer hardware industry, led by consumer spending on personal computers and electronics, according to a report published today by Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services. A full recovery is dependent upon growth in corporate spending, which until now has been constrained by a persistent atmosphere of caution. The prognosis for HP is less clearly positive and more dependent upon management execution, while revenue improvement for Sun and Silicon Graphics is expected to lag behind other hardware companies rated by Standard & Poor’s,” Reuters reports.

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  1. Having a G5 xServe and Panther should result in a steep increase in enterprise penetration for Apple, which in turn will result in a subsequent growth spurt as success stories propogate. Heterogeneous networks are the order of the day as enterprise has learned from the folly of trusting Microsoft and Intel to float their boats. So even in a Wintel-dominated world, Macs will increasingly prove their worth.

  2. Apple will continue to do well in all its niches IMO. But dont get carried away with your fantasies Mac folks – marketshare comes with cheaper prices, and Apple aint playin ball.

  3. joh

    Even if Apple can only take their marketshare from 3% to 4%, that’s a 33% Increase in sales, which is money not just for the shareholders, but to fund a lot more R&D in new products. People are considering the Mac as a serious Windows alternative again, and the Mac is no longer bleeding users over to Wintel, so marketshare IS likely to go up, even if only by a small amount.

    As for price, if you cast your mind back to the 16-bit home computers of the mid-80s, the Amiga cost more than the Atari ST, yet which one sold more?

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