U.S. Department of Homeland Security awards enterprise agreement to Microsoft

“The Department of Homeland Security said on Tuesday it has awarded a five-year, $90 million enterprise agreement to Microsoft Corp to become the department’s primary technology provider,” Reuters reports. “Under the contract, Microsoft will supply desktop and server software to the newly created department, which has merged parts of 22 different agencies into one entity.”

“The agreement delivers licensing coverage for about 140,000 desktops and will help the department to establish a common computing environment, Homeland Security said in a statement. Dell Marketing LP. was selected as the reseller, to provide the day-to-day management of the enterprise agreement, it said,” according to Reuters here.


  1. First, it’s obvious that Information Security was not the highest priority in the selection process. Windows is the most lame, insecure, easy to hack OS ever broadly distributed. It is cheap, however, and that always seems to sell with the GSA and others.
    I can understand the Dell hardware purchase, as they make a generic PC box about as well, and as cheaply as anyone. It’s the software side that puzzles me. The NSA spent a LOT of time and taxpayer money developing a security enhanced version of LINUX that no doubt is being used even now in places like the NSA/DIA/CIA/FBI/DEA/ATF & State Dept.
    This is a HUGE mistake, and smacks of political influence: ie-security be damned, there’s money to be made. If the news media is not all over this they should be. NSA secured LINUX servers with Red Hat LINUX or Mac OS X on the desktop would make much more sense. It just does’t make for good politics.

  2. Welcome to the new world order (part 2).

    New president comes in.

    New administration drops teeth on lawsuit against Microsoft.

    Microsoft donates lots of money to politicians.

    Government awards a large contract to Microsoft.

    Repeat every eight years.

  3. Homeland “Security” and Microsoft. Isn’t that a contradition in terms… Let’s hope Osama does not have any good hackers at his disposal…
    Hey Tom Ridge, Thanks for supporting a Convicted Monopolist, ASSHOLE!

  4. What do you expect? Microsoft and Gates are big supporters of the Bush regime. And with Al Gore sitting on the board of Apple do you really think Apple had a shot at this? Never mind the fact that the Pentagon moved to Macs years ago because of all the security problems Windoze has. With on going security problems Microsoft has it’s going to be interesting how the Department of Homeland “Security” deals with it.

  5. You know, it does no good to your argument to call the Bush Administration a bunch of NAZIs. (4th Reich reference). Homeland Security is made up of a bunch of fed workers from the last 4 administrations at least. It is a giant bureaucracy made up mostly of unionized folks who are hardly going to be “thinking different”. I like Bush, I think using Windows in the HS office is one of the lamest things I can think of. These two comments are not in contradiction to each other. Just because a guy is a good president does not make him immune from having his bureaucracy go off and do stupid stuff.

    By the way, does anyone think that if Apple had put Rush on its board and given a couple mil to the Bush campaign that this contract would have gone to Apple? Get real. The government is full of lemmings, which IS the core consumer of Microsoft products.

  6. I’m moving to Cupertino. At least that place will be safe. Apple becomes Norad. I would advise everyone to arm themselves and stock up on food and water. Al Gore! It’s not to late to run again is it? Bush and friends need to go. Hopefully the Pentagon and our vital defense systems are running Unix. It’s funny. American companies farm out coding to the middle East and now our government opening the door wide open for them. They must be laughing at us. I think people are a little more important than lined pockets from Microsoft.

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