ADWEEK: Apple’s iTMS TV ads ‘easy and joyous fun’

“On the surface, these commercials seem so basic, like “Switchers” but without all the angst and the tics. Those also featured people standing against white space. (Do Apple and the Gap each own half of the white-space trademark?) But “Switchers” sold the big-ticket items and featured real people and their tech stories, full of PC fury. Here, the song is the story, and the spots promote a great new, cheap service (the online music store provides the first digital delivery sanctioned by all the major record labels, allowing users to choose from 200,000 tracks). So this campaign is much more fun. It’s not as simple as it looks, though, and that’s one of the reasons it’s so good,” writes Barbara Lippert for ADWEEK.

“In the first two weeks of business, more than 2 million songs were downloaded. So while the spots are easy and joyous, they also are truly the tail wagging the dog: More downloads means more iPods sold means more people buying Macs. For Apple, I’d say it pretty much brings salvation back,” Lippert writes.

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  1. i for one do not like the ads at all. theyre much too cheesy in my opinion. especially that little brat pretending to be eminem. the baby got back guy gets old after the 2nd time you watch it. however despite the fact that i hate the ads, they are still very clever and its true, it does make you stop and watch whether you like it or not.

  2. I think they are great ads. What better ad is there when no one is selling you something. We all relate to the ads, we just criticize the people singing. Tower records stole the idea already and last week ran radio clips of the same thing. Is nothing sacred.

  3. It would be nice if Apple did an ad that actually tried to sell something for a change. When are they going to wise up and actually show the stuff at work? Show me OSX, show me the ITMS at work!!! I see these Centrino ads and hear people talking about how cool it is to go wireless…APPLE’S HAD THAT FOR THREE FRIGGIN’ YEARS!!!!! CRIPES!

    Give us some substance for a change! Let’s blow a few minds already. I’m tired of seeing ads of self-absorbed people enjoying something that only a Mac person would know is great. Quit preaching to the choir!!!!! Show the Windoze lame-os how cool the Mac really is and maybe they’ll have a little more to go on!

  4. ” they also are truly the tail wagging the dog…”

    Yeah right. How many people found out about the hyped Music Store from those commercials?

    Also, how many people were swayed to the Music Store BECAUSE of the commercials?

    I feel that they do a bad job describing what the product is, and also feel that they’re uncomfortable to watch.

  5. why have they pulled the eminem and baby got back ads off the apple site? (and if you really wanna moan, try being a UK based Apple user – I’m still waiting for Sherlock to be UK-centric, let alone iTMS show up!).

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