RUMOR: PowerPC 970’s already boxed and ready to ship on pallets?

“Before arriving at the heart of the subject, remember that what follows is a rumor, without tangible proof. However if we chose to publish it, it is that it has very good chances to be true,” MacBidouelle reports based on our rough translation from French to English. “The first PPC 970 Macs have rolled off the production lines and are already packed on pallets. These pallets are covered with the opaque sealed film. On the opaaque film are stickers with following information: ‘Tamper proof seal, confidential property inside, prosecution may result if opened by unauthorized personnel.'”

According to MacBidouelle, “These machines will start to be delivered to wholesalers confidentially very soon with absolute order of ‘Do not open before June 23.’ Apple has already used this method during launching of the Cube and, more recently, the launch of the iMac G4.”

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  1. Here come the 970 PowerMacs in June.

    Let me just say that if these bad boys are not unveiled next month there will be a lot of dissapointed Mac users all over this planet.

  2. This seems highly unlikely. Not impossible, but on the VERY early end of the possible timeframe. It would great, though.

    Hopefully if they ship so early they will come with a free coupon for Panther, to enable the full 64-bit computing once Panther is ready. But I expect the 970 to be very fast under Jaguar, and well worth selling whenever the Macs are ready.

    I wonder of this rumor is really some distorted misunderstanding regarding secret prototypes that are ready to be shown at WWDC under NDA. Even if so, progress towards getting them in our hands is still good!

  3. First, it never made any sense to me for Apple to heavily advertise the “developer” version of an OS (Panther). They’ve never done that before. He has always quietly released it with tons of disclaimers that it is for developers and those that don’t mind exploring beta versions. Then he sat back and let the media gush over it. No better or cheaper advertising than that. If you say something is great, the natural reaction is for publishers to find its flaws… and publish how right they are. But, if you let everyone discover its wonders on their own, it makes great press… advertising that’s absolutely free and much better than you can do on your own. This is Apple’s way! They must be doing something right; Apple’s website gets 75% of all computer hardware seekers traffic.

    Steve loves shocking the world, so I expect him to not only intoduce Panther (OS 11 would be too cumbersome as a catchy OS name) as a final version, but it will be a full 64-bit OS with seamless 32-bit compatibility, very similar to the way it is dual-processor compatible/aware.

    I expect something like this from Steve…
    “…and to completely utilize all of Panther’s awesome speed and features you’ll need a G5… like this one!! …and it really screams. You would need a 10 Ghz WIntel beige box to get similar speed and performance.. but sadly you still wouldn’t have the stability, security and ease-of-use. And isn’t it beautiful to look at?! It comes fully loaded with Panther, the new release of iLife and our new iDesk… a seamless combination of Apple’s new PowerWorks, iCal, Keynote and our new iCratchit accounting software for small-to-moderately sized businesses; a collaboration with the folks at Quicken. We were going to call it iScrooge, but he was difficult to deal with so we chose his nephew, Bob Cratchit, an accountant that is friendly, forgiving, and a joy to be with. PowerWorks and iCal are free downloads for all OS X and Panther users, but iCratchit and Keynote are $79 each or $129 as a single bundle at any Apple store. All are optimized for 64-bit processing, but still work and look great on our earlier systems.”

    It will be in Steve’s typical rollercoaster ride of shocks, surprises, awe and “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

    Panther has too much hype from Apple to be just an announcement.

    It seems that every 6 months, Apple makes Microsoft 2 years further behind.

  4. Unfortunately, someone else will have to develop Motorola’s G5 technology for there to be a PowerMac G5. Motorola is in terrible shape, going from number 1 cell phone maker to number 4. On top of that, they have laid off 60,000 people to boot.

    The future of Apple’s processors rest with IBM and the PowerPC 970 (aka Blade). You’ll most likely see a new PowerMac, with IBM’s PowerPC 970.

    Say hello to the PowerMac 970. All OS X bootibility, no OS 9 boot option. Macs will take full advantage of DDR RAM. No more slowmo PowerMac G4 “double brains.” The Pentium 4 and the G4 are evenly matched, but the power of Power4 is no match for any of the two.

    If Motorola drops out, the PowerPC Alliance could open the door for other chip developers of the architecture, such as AMD.

    At WWDC, Steve will be preaching OS X.3 (Panther), with 64 bit compatibilty�oops, the G4 isn’t 64-bit. To go with that next revamp of OS X, introducing the PowerMac 970, the true pro tool. Featuring IBM’s new PowerPC 970 chip, a miniature version of their powerful Power4 technology�

    Steve will probably drag the hell out of it, but either way, my first Mac will be PowerPC 970. So, I can ditch IBM’s great G3 technology on the iMac.

  5. What to expect:
    1) New X-Serve with 970 series PPC Chips & updated server software.
    2) New PowerMacs with 970 series PPC Chips
    3) New iMac/eMac with 1.4gig G4 Chips
    4) New Aluminum G4 15″ Powerbook
    5) New G4 (finally) iBooks
    6) New 10.3 version of Mac OS
    7) Overhauled AppleWorks for iMac/eMac (OS X Only)
    8) New AppleWorks Pro with Database/WP/Keynote & improved Mail/iSync.
    9) iDVD now supports external burners.
    10) Built-in Bluetooth across the line.
    11) New 2-button scrolling optical mouse.
    12) Release version of Safari.

  6. can we hope for an announcement for dual 970 cpu’s in a Titanium 17″ powerbook with L3 cache? There is plenty of space in it. That would would really shock the M$ crowd.

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