Apple adds over 3,200 new tracks to iTunes Music Store

Apple has added over 3,200 new tracks to the iTunes Music Store today, including music from Alanis Morissette, Michelle Branch, Bew Kweller, The Eagles, Cher, Prodigy, Deftones, Lucida Williams, and more. Also added is a new Featured Artist section for Coldplay with the exclusive track “One I Love” which was not previously available in the U.S.

Additionally, Apple has made available exclusive pre-release tracks from Lizz Wright, Kenna, The RH Factor, The John Scofield Band, and David Sanborn. New videos now in the iTunes Music Store include The Ataris, Jack Johnson, Coldplay, and Fleetwood Mac.

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  1. In addition, some tracks which were previously available only as part of an album now seem to be available for individual purchase. For example, The Eagles classic “Hotel California” now has a “Buy Song” button after it instead of a “Buy Album” button. The two different albums which include this song are both available at the top of the same page. I noticed some people were complaining about having to buy the whole album on internet sites this past week. Maybe Apple listened. Or just decided they could make more money & piss off fewer people if they did it this way.

  2. More likely, the stupid record companies listened. Licensing agreements with the record companies are what control how music is made available on the Apple site.

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