Get multiple Mac OS X Clipboards with iClip

iClip is a utility that helps you get past the limitations of having a single Clipboard. It allows you to quickly copy & paste and drag & drop clippings to and from its multiple “clipping bins” so that you can easily access them in the applications you’re using. The clippings can be of various types such as text, pictures, Internet locations, sounds, and more.

Clippings can be organized into unlimited groups called “clipping sets” to help you keep all of your clippings neatly arranged. Since the Scrapbook application that was in older Mac OS versions isn’t a part of Mac OS X, iClip can conveniently serve as a replacement for it.

iClip can be used to store and retrieve text, pictures, and other types of clippings that you commonly use. It can also be very useful for when you’re dealing with multiple clippings between two or more applications. Another use for iClip is for temporarily storing a bunch of similar clippings, especially when saving each one to a file would be inconvenient. iClip can be used in these ways and in many more to help you to be more productive and efficient.

More info and download link here.

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