QuickTime 6.2 released

QuickTime is Apple’s award-winning software for creating, playing, and streaming high-quality audio and video over the Internet.

A true all-in-one, standards-based, cross-platform media tool, QuickTime 6.1 delivers a host of features that includes the following:

– MPEG-4 ISO compliant file creation
– Enhanced MPEG-4 video codec
– Enhanced AAC audio codec
– Instant-On streaming
– Macromedia Flash 5
– Enhanced QuickTime Player interface
– QuickTime Picks, bringing you the best, up-to-date content
– JPEG 2000 (Mac OS X Only)
– Enhanced AppleScript support (Macintosh Only)

What’s New in This Version
– Support for iTunes 4 to use music purchased from the iTunes Music Store in some other applications. Plus, you can import CDs into AAC, the new industry standard for high-quality digital audio.
– An enhanced AAC encoder for QuickTime Pro users.
– Improvements to iMovie and iDVD audio/video synchronization.

No updater is currently available. No QuickTime update is available via Mac OS X Software Update. The standalone version is online at Apple.com. More info and download link here.


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