Apple posts new TV ads for iTunes Music Store and iPod

Apple has posted five new television advertisements for the iTunes Music Store / iPod entitled, “Nava – I?ll Be There,” “Floyd – My Generation,” “Tyra – Get This Party Started,” “Nic – Baby Got Back,” and “Jacob – Lose Yourself.” See them here.


  1. WoW those are terrible!!!!!!!!! I really hopes these ad’s are for the web only and dont make it to TV. Espically the little kid signing the eminem song, didnt anyone tell apple that little kids arent supposed to listen to Eminem. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. THE ADS ARE AWESOME. Don’t deny that you have sung songs in the car or while listening to your discman or iPod that you wouldn’t be caught DEAD singing in public.

    Go Apple. Music is personal and people are diverse. Celebrate diversity! Celebrate music!

  3. Apple has hit and all time low with theses ads as well as the promotional video. Could Apple have found any more annoying people for the promotional video and ads? Time for new ad company!!!

  4. Oh everyone lighten the hell up. The ads are funny and capture a near universal experience for everyone that loves music. And you, ‘Disappointed’… what’s the matter, the people are too authentic and not smug enough to be mac users? If our preferred platform is to begin thriving folks like you will need to get off of your high horse and quit acting like using a mac is a privelege. Matter of fact, just quit using the platform so we don’t have to listen to your elitist, whining drivel in the future.

  5. Hmm…

    My objection to the promotion of vulgar, foul-mouthed, no-talent pseudo-artists makes me an elitist?

    That’s OK.

    >>Oh everyone lighten the hell up>>

    Have you considered a career as a Rap singer? Your language skills seem well suited for it.

  6. Where is the vulgarity? The filthy mouths? Pseudoartists?!? These are just regular people enjoying their music their own way, and they aren’t presented in such a fashion to suggest anything else.

    The ‘elitist’ comment, since it is apparent that I need to explain it to you, is based on this comment: “I may have to consider alternative computer platforms.” If you recall, I wrote “just quit using the platform so we don’t have to listen to your elitist, whining drivel in the future.” Difficulty understanding this? Perhaps a refresher in reading comprehension would be in order?

    As far as your snide comment about my potential abilities as a rap singer are concerned (and your obvious distaste for the medium), it just goes to further my own argument that you may be some type of ivory tower elitist. Is rap beneath you, oh mighty Oz? Sir Mixalot not to your tastes? Do you not like big butts nor big-butt aficionados who use Apple hardware? Is this a rational reason to switch computing platforms?

    And if my chosen words doth offend, I suggest you don’t read Tennessee Williams, the Bible, or a host of other major literary works with words and expressions of greater vulgarity than I have used.

  7. I was wondering when the “R” word would crop up.

    I question the standards of a black *artist* and then I am labeled a racist…”Ivory tower elitist”. I am not at all interested in the skin color of Sir MixaLot or Eminem or others of their ilk…it is the content of their *artistry* that offends me.

    Is it beneath me? I choose to rise above it. Apple Computer should do the same.

    As for snide remarks, I believe that “…listen to your elitist, whining drivel…” falls under that heading.

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