Mac OS X FolderSynchronizer beta updated; syncs folders, files, and disks

FoldersSynchronizer is a shareware utility for Mac OS X which synchronizes and backs up files, single or mutiple pairs of folders, files and disks, on local and remote volumes. It can sync/backup the whole MacOS X boot disk and make it bootable and it can run as user “root” even if the user logged in as simple user.

It has special options like Timers, Mutiple list, Exclude list, Filters, Conflict Resolution, Settings, Log Files, Sync And Quit.

What’s New in this Version
– It works much better and faster than the previous version.
– Rewritten copy engine following the latest Apple Guidelines. FS now uses a small buffer, even when copying very large files, even greater than 2 GBytes. So it works faster at copying large files.
– FS can copy/replace/delete “locked” files properly, even if running as root.
– FS can copy items through any kind of remote connection.
– And many more enhancements.

More info and download link here.

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