Turn phone numbers into easy-to-remember words with Mac OS X freeware PhoneWord

A phone word is a way to represent a phone number by using digits and words made up from the letters that represent the digits in a phone number. You typically see them on commercials where the announcer tells you to dial something like 355-DUNK to purchase basketball tickets. 355-DUNK is a phone word that represents the phone number 355-3865. Phone words make a phone number much easier to remember. This can be very useful in all kinds of advertising or just plain fun. If your lucky you can tell your friends that your phone number is IAM-THEBEST.

What does PhoneWord do?

PhoneWord finds phone words that can be used with existing phone numbers. You may not have to hassle with the phone company and change numbers to have a memorable phone number. PhoneWord can save you money and pain and can be a fun little diversion.

What’s New in this Version
– Phone words are sorted by how ?good? they are.
– Add your own words to the dictionary that have special meaning for you, such as your name and the names of your friends, or other contacts.
– A PhoneWord service (which allows you to find a phone word from any program. Just select a phone number and select Services->Get Phone Word).

More info and download link here.


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