Top Ten surfin’ Safari keyboard and mouse shortcuts

Here are our top ten Safair keyboard and mouse shortcuts in no particular order:

1. Spacebar (also “option + down Arrow” or “page down key”): Scrolls page down by a screenful, minus a small overlap.

2. Command + click a link: Opens a link in new window.

3. Press and hold Back or Forward button: Pops up a menu showing up to 10 back/forward entries by page title.

4. Option + press and hold Back or Forward button: Pops up a menu showing up to 10 back/forward entries by page URL.

5. Command + Option + click a link: Downloads source code of link to Desktop.

6. Command + Double-click a bookmark: Opens the selected bookmark in a new window.

7. Command + B: Toggles Bookmarks Bar.

8. Command + D: Adds Bookmark.

9. Command + Option + A: Opens Activity window.

10. Command + Option + M: Mark current page for Snapback.

One you learn some of the keyboard/mouse shortcuts above, you’ll surf with Safari even faster than you do now! Does anyone have any other favorite Safari keyboard or mouse shortcuts?


  1. Ready for this? This one’s really cool!…

    Command + 1 (2,3,4,5,6,7…)
    Opens the first (second, third, fourth, fifth, etc…) link in your Bookmarks Bar (this does not work with folders of bookmarks, though)

  2. Scroll your Safari browser! (Not the best…)

    Hold Command + Spacebar, Click empty space on web page, let go of Command + Spacebar, then drag up and down to the top and bottom of the browser window.

  3. i was frustrated enough that i add a quickkey for “spell checking while you type” to Safari….

    so all you have to do is hit (command *) and it will turn on “spell checking while you type” while you are in a post and after you’ve begun to type…. unfortunately, it will not stay on between posts…. so you have to hit it again for each post, but it is a lot quicker than the alternative…..

    for the update, download it here….

    follow the instructions in the readme file…. and add the file that is downloaded….

    here is what the readme file says….

    close down the application “safari”

    “control” click the “safari” application icon, (use the “control” key) this will bring up a menu….

    go to “show package contents”

    open the folder “contents”

    open the folder “Resources”

    open the folder “English.lproj”

    replace the file “MainMenu.nib” with the one i include in the download with exactly the same name, (make sure you unzip it, don’t put in “”)…

    (keep a copy of the old one somewhere else, in case you don’t like this one”

    close all folders….

    relaunch “safari”…

    use the quick key to turn on spell checking as you type (you’ll see the one i choose in the menu)…. i don’t know of any conflicts with the one i used yet, but let me know if you see any problems…..

    unfortunately, spell checking doesn’t stay on when going to another post or link, so you have to hit the quick key again at each post, but it is still faster than the old way……..

    i’m still looking for the hook to turn it on and leave it on if you want…..


  4. The worst keyboard shortcut is Command-Shift-G, since it totally conflicts with the google service. I can no longer select some text and automatically have google look it up for me. Instead I get Find Previous?? How useful is that? If they have to have it make it Option-Command-G instead.

  5. Command – Shift – Click a link -> Open link on a new window BEHIND the current window to avoid having it in your face until you are ready to view it.

    I use it to open different news windows on the background while still selecting other news I will also want to read later.

  6. command – shift – click a link
    opens link in a new window behind the current window.

    I set this as my Safari right click on my 2-button mouse and the scroll-whell click to be Control – mouse click to get to the pop-up menu

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