Customize your Mac OS X menu bar with AliasMenu

AliasMenu adds customized menus to the menu bar. Each menu extra has a corresponding folder and the menu automatically reflects the folder’s content. Create your own menus for Preferences, favorite Folders, often used Applications, an Internet menu including applications and web bookmarks, a Documents menu, a Utilities menu, etc. The possibilities are endless. Any folder you create for AliasMenu instantly becomes an extra menu. The menu name can be replaced by an icon to save room in the menu bar in order to be able to add more menus. Simply paste a custom icon on the folder. Version 3 has been entirely rewritten for Mac OS X and is fully Jaguar compatible.

Features include:

Create Any Number of Menus: User-defined menus are actual menu extras, like the clock or volume menu. If you have a large screen, you can easily add as many as 15 or 20 menus. Submenus are supported.

Open Every Kind of Item: As did the old Apple menu, AliasMenu opens any object placed in one of its menus: applications, documents, folders, servers, scripts, and even URLs.

Powerful Keyboard Shortcuts: AliasMenu uses the ‘ctrl’ key by default instead of ‘command’ for the keyboard shortcuts, to avoid duplicating the applications’ shortcuts. Assign shortcuts to anything, including folders and Internet bookmarks.

More info and download link here.


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