Five students win Young Wizards Apple Inter-school Movie Competition in India

“Vikas Gupta, Vankshu Kumar, Pooja Chandra, Raunak Sinha and Anirudh Gautam have a lot in common. For one, all of them are 16. They are all students of Tagore International School in the Capital. They are all in Class XI. And … They have made a film that won them the Young Wizards Apple Inter-school Movie Competition, in which 13 schools of Delhi participated.

The contest is being held for the first time this year, and the organisers plan to make it an annual event. The winners have bagged an iMac computer as the prize.

Proud to be an Indian, the Tagore team’s four-minute short, was filmed on the school’s handycam, and took about a week to make. Though it deals with patriotism and communal harmony, it isn’t packed with cliches you find in the feature films streaming out of Bollywood. In fact, it doesn’t even have any characters. Why? Because the school authorities didn’t want other students missing classes to star in the film. So what did these kids do? They painted faces on their own hands and these faces are the characters in the film,” reports Tina Baruah for DELHI Newsline, Indian Express Newspapers. Read on here.

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  1. respected sir,
    i was one of the student to participate in the imovie competition in 2003 from lovely public sr. sec. school when we were in 7th standard.
    our teacher was unable to give us the copy of the movie we made on the topic ‘dissection of flower’.
    i request you if u could mail me a copy of the same film for my sweet memories.
    please be kind enough to take out some time and avail me the movie .
    thanking you
    yours faithfully
    arpit aggarwal

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