Apple posts iMovie 3 and iPhoto 2 for free download

Apple today released iMovie 3.0.1 and iPhoto 2 are now available as free downloads from Apple’s Web site. iPhoto 2 includes one-click photo Enhance, which can improve less-than-perfect pictures; a new Retouch tool for removing impurities and photo archiving to a CD or DVD. It also includes the one click emailing of photos via Mail, Eudora, AOL, and Entourage.

iMovie 3 features pro-quality special effects, including the new “Ken Burns” effect for adding motion to still photos and new audio editing tools and sound effects from Skywalker Sound’s seven-time Academy Award winner Gary Rydstrom. IMovie 3 also includes special video effects such as Aged Film, Letterbox and Earthquake and the ability to add chapter markers to movies for DVD navigation and scene selection.

Get ’em while they’re hot here from Apple.


  1. I loaded imovie3 and find it very sluggish. Love the new tools, however, it acts like it is running in slow motion. Also do not like having a distorted screen when viewed on my 17″ imac.

    As a person who has used but not mastered Final Cut Pro. I like some of the carry-overs such as the ability to adjust sound tracks.

    Get the sluggish problem fixed and I will Love It.

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