.Mac Address Book syncing now available

“Apple on Wednesday activated a feature many users of the online subscription service have been waiting for: Address Book syncing. While the .Mac page still lists the feature as “Coming Soon,” when we logged-in to our Address Book a page asked if we wanted to turn the feature on. By turning the feature on, the online Address Book said it was syncing, and used the information from the last sync done with the iSync application. When it was finished, which was a relatively short amount of time to sync a few hundred contacts, everything showed up in the .Mac Address Book,” reports MacCentral. The actual message on the .mac Address Book site reads:

“Welcome to .Mac Address Book — now with synchronization.

Your first synchronization may take several minutes depending on the amount of data you have in your address book.

If you choose not to sync now, you can always go to your .Mac Address Book Preferences and turn on Syncing.

Do you want to turn on syncing for your .Mac Address Book now?”

MacCentral story here.

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