Apple iPod; MP3 market examined by BusinessWeek

“If a quick glance around my gym is any indication, Apple Computer’s sleek iPod remains the undisputed king of the digital-music-player market. Every few feet, I notice the telltale white headphone cords leading to an iPod clipped on a belt or a pocket,” writes Cliff Edwards for BusinessWeek online. Edwards continues, “In the hard-drive category, the best choice remains the iPod. Even after nearly two years on the market, it still wins hands-down because of its simple, intuitive interface, elegant styling, lightning-fast download speed, and great sound. And Apple really sewed up the market in August when it began selling ones that work with Windows-based computers in addition to Mac-only versions.” Also, in the article, Creative’s Nomad Zen, Nomad MuVo, and SONICblue’s Rio are examined. In additon, Edwards looks at “media players” or “portable entertainment consoles” like Archos Jukebox Multimedia 20 and the upcoming RCA Lyra Audio/Video Jukebox. Full article here.

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