Safari Themes and how to make your own

This application will allow you to easily install new themes for Apple’s web browser Safari. You can just install new themes with just a couple of mouse clicks. Lioness will also allow you to toggle the brushed metal interface of Safari.

Making your own themes for use with Lioness is very easy. Start out with a copy of the default Safari theme, and then edit the files of your copy. Simply select the folder “Default” in “Lioness Themes” and press command-D. Now you can open up the images in your favorite graphic editor. You’ll notice that each image is actually a layer put on a transparent background. First create your button in a separate layer, and then completely remove the background layer. All images should be saved as TIFF-images, and it’s very important that they’re named exactly like the originals. To test the themes you’ve created, just stick them in the folder “Lioness Themes” (if you’ve moved the theme), and launch Lioness. There you can try out the pressed and disabled states of your theme, and you may also want to install it in Safari to test it in the actual browser. Also, you can include a textfile with one line of info (maybe your name or e-mail address), which will be displayed next to the theme menu when your theme is selected. Name this file “info.txt” and put it in your theme folder.

More information and download link here.


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