iCan customize my OS X trash; you can too

iCan is is a trashcan for OS X which sits on the desktop. It’s interactive – it appears empty when it’s empty, and full when it’s full, just like the one in OS 9.

You can drag to it, unmount disks with it, click it to open the trash folder, and it responds to the Finder’s command-delete.

If you like variation, you can switch to another trashcan, iCan is customizable using any of the included iCan Themes. If you wish to make your own themes, it’s easy, and instructions are provided. More info and download link here.


  1. Use the Process Viewer to Quit iCan if you want to remove it. Process Viewer can be found in the Applications folder in the Utilities folder. Just find and highlight iCan and select Quit from the File menu.

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