Apple OS X Team wins award in 4th Annual Wired Rave Awards

Apple was nominated in two categories for The 4th Annual Wired Rave Awards. In the category of “Industrial Designer,” The Apple Industrial Design Team was nominated for the iMac and was up against Chris Borroni-Bird and Ed Welburn (Hy-wire and AUTOnomy concept car for General Motors), Naoto Fukasawa and Ideo Japan (CD Player for Muji), Teiyu Goto (Vaio W for Sony), and Matias Duarte, Joe Palmer, and Andy Johnston (hiptop for Danger and Function Engineering).

The Apple Mac OS X Team was nominated in the category of “Software Designer,” and were pitted against Butler Lampson and Chuck Thacker (Tablet PC for Microsoft), Christopher Montgomery (Ogg Vorbis for Xiphophorus Foundation), Ray Ozzie (Groove for Groove Networks), and Jordan Ritter (SpamNet for Cloudmark).

“The Wired Rave Awards celebrate innovation and the individuals transforming commerce and culture. These innovators in business, science, politics, art, entertainment, and design are the people changing your mind. To identify this year’s nominees, Wired assembled an esteemed international jury who, along with the editors of Wired, formed the Brain Trust for the Wired Rave Awards. The nominees for 2002 have, in the collective view of the Brain Trust, contributed to the creative evolution of their craft or field,” reads Wired’s February 2003 issue (not yet online). The winners were selected by Wired editors.

The Apple OS X Team was selected as the Software Designer of the year for Mac OS X. See the complete list of winners here.

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