Steve Jobs to Bill Gates – Kiss my ass (opinion)

In the very recent past, including today, Apple has worked very hard to drastically lessen the need for Microsoft products on the Mac OS X platform. AppleWorks will read and write Word and Excel files. OS X Mail eliminates the need for Outlook Express or Entourage. Now, Apple’s Keynote kills off PowerPoint on the Mac. Who needs Microsoft Office now? As if anybody really ever did, but that’s another story. Perceived need versus actual need…

The default browser for the Macintosh is now Safari. By tomorrow night, Safari will own approximately 95% of the Macintosh OS X browser market. And, let me tell you, after one hour with it, Microsoft can kiss my ass, too. Let the war begin again!

Not that I’ve used MS IE for more than a minute in the past year (Chimera), but Safari is faster than any browser I’ve ever used on a Mac OS X machine. Period.

Along with FireWire2, Airport Extreme, the world’s first 17″ laptop, integrated Bluetooth, etc., why would anybody choose a Windows clunker now? Perceived need versus actual need, I guess.

SteveJack is a long-time Macintosh user, web designer, multimedia producer and a regular
contributor to the MacDailyNews Opinion section.

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