Steve Jobs to Bill Gates – Kiss my ass (opinion)

In the very recent past, including today, Apple has worked very hard to drastically lessen the need for Microsoft products on the Mac OS X platform. AppleWorks will read and write Word and Excel files. OS X Mail eliminates the need for Outlook Express or Entourage. Now, Apple’s Keynote kills off PowerPoint on the Mac. Who needs Microsoft Office now? As if anybody really ever did, but that’s another story. Perceived need versus actual need…

The default browser for the Macintosh is now Safari. By tomorrow night, Safari will own approximately 95% of the Macintosh OS X browser market. And, let me tell you, after one hour with it, Microsoft can kiss my ass, too. Let the war begin again!

Not that I’ve used MS IE for more than a minute in the past year (Chimera), but Safari is faster than any browser I’ve ever used on a Mac OS X machine. Period.

Along with FireWire2, Airport Extreme, the world’s first 17″ laptop, integrated Bluetooth, etc., why would anybody choose a Windows clunker now? Perceived need versus actual need, I guess.

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  1. I totally AGREE. THE mac Rules! Peroid!
    This keynote speech lacked the release of a good G4 Tower… Something that I was hoping for. But I totally agree… Microsoft better start kissing some A$% now in order to save them self some time later one

  2. 95%!? Slow down there. As we saw in the keynote, OS X still has some ways to go to saturate the current Mac user base. (People are still using OS X 8 and 9)!!

    Is Safari good? Absolutely. But it is only a native, best of breed browser. Keynote is really a crucial piece of software that few will take notice of to start. Apple is making a silent stab into the corporate arena with it. Businesses live and breath on presentations.


  3. I downloaded Safari and have use it a bit, so far today. I have found a few problems so far, which I have reported to Apple. First, it wouldn’t let me log into Hotmail (is Apple or MS saying something here?), telling me I need to have Javascript enabled (it was!). Second, I could find no good way to import bookmarks from Chimera, which has been my default browser. Finally, and this is surprizing for a browser from Apple, the Keychain isn’t enabled. One of the things I really like about Chimera is that it is integrated with the Keychain.

  4. i am one of the 75% of macusers who still boot in os9 as my music apps still havent made the switch in they are very stable in os9 and i have a lot invested in hardware and software and i dont want to buy the same software twice its not my fault the programs are not in osx yet, so i have to wait and i cant by a new mac cause it wont let me boot in to 9 sort of a catch 22. that said i think i will wait for a dual 970 this fall by that time all the audio apps will be out in on their second non beta revisions. also one good thing is a stealth midi driver that lets me use my old exspensive midi box and soundcard drivers for my audiowerk2 card i am waiting for drivers to my yamaha dspfactory card now, hello Yamaha the worlds biggest music company support your products are you listening.
    so i use osx 75%of the time even though its slower then 9 on my old system, my nine is stable and dosnt crash anymore then the kernal panics on 10 (i may have a bad memory chip in my 600 g4 upgraded beige g3 i here osx is more sensative to that}
    I use 9 for music and other programs that wont run in classic. please dont blame me for keeping apple back as i will be all osx this fall with a new dual.

  5. Just spent an hour with Safari – I’m a Chimera user. I’m suprised that Safari does not use tabs. Once you’ve used them it is very hard to work without them. The button to pop back to the top of some url trail is nice, but I can create a more meaningful trail in Chimera with tabs. And on my tiBook 800mhz, Safari seems marginally slower than Chimera. Then it crashed. Is a beta. I hope Apple does another beta or a release integrating tabs. At this point I’m not persuaded to change.

  6. I live and breathe Flash. Flash playback, for some inexplicable reason, is beyond sloooooooooow in Safari. Fastest on Chimera, but Chimera likes to drop frames and doesn’t always redraw images properly. When it works, its gorgeous on Chimera though. So why am I still using IE? Because IE is still the most trouble free browser for me all around. Less trouble with CSS, Frames, Javascript, and Flash. Maybe not quite as fast, but best ALL-AROUND. Chimera is sooo close to making that no longer true though, and with nighly updates, I suspect IE will soon be gathering dust on my Mac. I will keep an eye on Safari, and we’ll see what happens next.

  7. Apple finally is getting its train back on the track with Safari. Safari is really fast – even on a 300 mhz G3.

    I still need Windows from time to time for Microsoft streaming that won’t work on my Mac’s. I’m getting close to actually purchasing a windows machine for the Microsoft stuff that won’t work on Virtual PC.

    My stand alone PC will have email removed or not set up. No PC viruses to receive and transmit. I’ll only use a browser on it when I’m compelled out of no other options. And only use the windows machine when I absolutely require it.

    Why complicate life? Use a Mac…. They’re so simple and sweet!

  8. Opps, forgot to mention, my Wallstreet is toast with today’s announcement. I’ll be getting the world’s smallest, fastest portable in two weeks. Eat your heart out PC noclusers!

  9. Keynote is awesome, but until they put up a decent project management tool, there is still some reliance on MS. Not that MS bothered to update the damn thing for Mac over the years.

    As for IE on OSX – take your crippleware and ram it.

  10. M$ must be pissed…I am unable to login to Hotmail with Safari.

    It will be interesting to see what their excuse is and just how long it will be before they “fix” the problem. I hope they do not blame Apple…come on, it is just a web page not a damn cypher lock! This is what open standards are for and why they need to be followed. How petty!

    If Bill Gates made roads, would he only allow M$ cars on his highway?

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