New PowerBook Mini Me and other ads posted

The new powerbook ads have been posted on Apple’s website. The ad called, “Big and Small,” which feature Verne Troyer, who stands less than three feet tall and is better known as “Mini Me,” and, Yao Ming the 7-foot-5-inch NBA basketball player is a highlight. Also posted are the “Cosmos” ad and the PowerBook “Intro Video.” They can be found here.


  1. I agree with you on the “1984” Apple commercial… Greatest ever. However, I think Apple made a wise choice on this one… Two “popular” people to spark the non-techie interest. Using a professional athlete is a good move to ditch any “anti-macho” appeal that Macintosh’s may have… Cheers!

  2. Was really cool, enjoyed the spot and think it’ll be a real hit. Especially contrasting two different types of people from different fields and who are popular.

    Once again Apple does it again!!!

    You Go Boyz

  3. Really like the ads, awesome! Especially the “Big and Small”, it shows Apple’s creativity, and at the same time having lots of fun doing what they do.

    Slight Detour here: Question, how can I save the movies onto my HD? I really like them and would like to show them more to my friends etc, this way I maybe helping Apple to promote their stuffs? ha ha ha


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