Baby Safe your Mac

Baby Safe provides an interactive safe environment for your baby to play with the computer, while at the same time preventing your baby from causing chaos on your computer. Most screen savers ask for your password once you move the mouse or touch a key, which is not fun when you have a baby eager to play with the computer. With Baby Safe your toddler can have some fun and learn the numbers and the alphabet while your work is protected. Once a special word is typed, the screen saver can exit. Features include: teaches the numbers and the alphabet with spoken words as the toddler presses keys, displays pictures of flowers and animals at random or when the space key is pressed, displays geometric shapes at random and when the mouse is clicked, protects your work while your baby can play safely, requires a special word such as byebye, quit, or exit to exit baby safe mode, can play musical chords when some keys are pressed and more. Download link and info here.


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