MacWorld Boston 2004 Fruitless

IDG World Expo said today that its Macworld Expo was returning to Boston, but Apple Computer says, in effect, “have fun, we’ll see you in San Francisco.” After weeks of threatening to return MacWorld to Boston, a city in the midst of major traffic woes and construction nightmares that show no signs of letup by 2004, trade show promoter IDG made it official today with a press conference in Boston. Apple quickly issued a statement saying it opposes the move and may pull out of Macworld as early as next year. “Today IDG announced plans to move Macworld New York to Boston in July of 2004,” the company said in a statement. “Apple disagrees with this decision, and will not be participating in Macworld Boston. Since IDG is no longer investing in New York, we now need to re-evaluate our participation in Macworld New York 2003.” Read more at

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