“One tech giant strung dozens of North American cities through a circus-like contest that led mayors and governors to desperately pitch their regions — and offer huge sums of public money — in hopes of landing a gleaming new corporate campus,” Michael Liedtke, Matt O’Brien, and Will Weissert report for The Associated Press. “The other swept in quietly before making its big move.”

“The outcome was largely the same: Amazon and Apple are running out of room in their West Coast hometowns and establishing a major foothold in a handful of U.S. cities already known as second-tier technology hubs,” Liedtke, O’Brien, and Weissert report. “But this week, at least, Apple may have won the prize for completing its search with the fewest hurt feelings.”

Apple U.S. employment map
“Apple announced plans Thursday to build a $1 billion campus in Austin, Texas,” Liedtke, O’Brien, and Weissert report. “The decision comes 11 months after Apple CEO Tim Cook disclosed plans to open a major office outside California on the heels of a massive tax cut on overseas profits, which prompted the company to bring about $250 billion back to the U.S… Cities around the country offered financial incentives in an attempt to land Apple’s new campus, but Cook avoided a high-profile competition that pitted them against one another, as Amazon had before deciding to build huge new offices in New York and Virginia.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Once again, congrats to Austin, Seattle, San Diego, Culver City, Pittsburgh, New York, Boulder, and the areas of Apple expansion!

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