“Apple’s iOS 12 update didn’t bring many changes to the in-car CarPlay system that’s been around for a few years. But there is one notable improvement: it now supports third-party navigation apps,” Dan Seifert writes for The Verge. “You can now use Google Maps, Waze, or some other navigation app in CarPlay instead of Apple’s default Maps app.”

“Both Google Maps and Waze have released updates to their iOS apps that added support for CarPlay already, and I’ve been testing them for the past week or so,” Seifert writes. “Unfortunately, due to CarPlay’s inherent limitations and a number of bugs and performance issues, neither Google Maps or Waze are particularly compelling compared to their Android Auto counterparts or even Apple’s own Maps app.”

“Apple limits Siri interactions to its own apps. So just like how you can’t ask Siri to play something in Spotify, you also can’t ask it to give you directions to your house in Google Maps. That’s the first big frustration with using Google Maps or Waze because once you’re driving down the road, voice control is the primary way you’re able to interact with CarPlay apps,” Seifert writes. “If I’m traveling somewhere unfamiliar, Apple Maps is just more reliable to use than Google Maps or Waze in CarPlay, which is frankly surprising to say.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Why it is “frankly surprising to say?” Because Apple screwed up the Apple Maps rollout, which should’ve been labeled a “beta” which would have mitigated the vast majority of negative first impressions and give the company some breathing room to improve the grotesque launch issues.

A poor first impression can haunt a product forever.

No matter what Apple does, no matter how much better they make Apple Maps, it will now always “suck” in the minds of a large segment of the population… Apple seems to have learned nothing from the Newton: First impressions mean everything. Apple’s Maps have been Newtonized. All that’s missing is the Doonesbury strip… Here’s a little hint for the future: Everything that requires widespread customer use to develop a rich database before the product becomes fully usable should be clearly labeled “beta” upon release. Apple did it with Siri, but they forgot to do it with Maps. Had Apple been smart enough to simply place a “beta” tag on Maps, all of this rigamarole would never have occurred. — MacDailyNews Take, September 28, 2012

One thing Apple will have a difficult time buying: Respect for their Maps app, no matter how superior it gets over all others (and many parts of it already are – and even were at launch). It’s unfortunate, but first impressions were so badly botched by Apple (a simple “beta” tag would have sufficed) that it will take a sustained herculean effort to reverse the public misperception of Maps as inferior to Google Maps.MacDailyNews, September 16, 2015

Apple has been rebuilding Maps from the ground up for years and it’s due to launch very soon – June 29, 2018