Apple’s “Gather Round” event on “September 12 came and went. We heard about the amazing new features of the Apple Watch Series 4 (even if they’re not available yet) and the trifurcation of the iPhone X into XR, XS, and the unfortunately named XS Max,” David Gewirtz writes for ZDNet. “But no new iPads. No new Mac mini. No new MacBook or MacBook Air. No new EarPods. And where the heck is the AirPower?”

“For those looking forward to new releases of anything other than phones and the Watch, September was a disappointment. The big question going forward is simple: is this all there is? Are we destined to continue through the rest of 2018 without updates to some very key kit?” Gewirtz writes. “Probably not.”

“Apple has held a second fall event 60 percent of the time,” Gewirtz writes. “Furthermore, that second event has NEVER included new iPhone announcements, has always included a Mac announcement, and in four of the six second fall events, has also included an iPad announcement. Speaking of iPad announcements, there is some evidence that a 2018 iPad is on its way. According to a piece reported by 9to5Mac, an iOS 12.1 beta release includes an identifier (a data stub) mentioning a ‘2018 fall’ iPad.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Gewirtz has looked into his crystal ball and with history as his guide advised, “Go ahead and tentatively mark your calendars for either Tuesday, October 23 or Thursday October 25.”

That sounds just about right to us, too.

The second iPad Pro models lose the antiquated Home button and move to gestural iOS is the second we upgrade our iPad Pros!

Apple special event possible in October as iOS 12.1 beta references ‘iPad2018Fall’ – September 19, 2018