“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t stay awake long enough,” Chris Matyszczyk writes for ZDNet. “You, though, because you’re so very excitable and excited, had multiple browsers and apps whirling at midnight on Thursday to order your new iPhone XS or XS Max. Or, perhaps, your shiny new blue XR.”

“Looking with chilled eyes, it seems clear that Apple has been very astute in the way it’s positioned these three phones. It’s easy to imagine that the XR might be a little like the 5C — a cheap and very cheerful starter version of the iPhone,” Matyszczyk writes. “It isn’t. Instead, Cupertino wisely stopped to consider those who are emotionally opposed to paying four figures for a phone. They’re people who seek value.”

“The XR is a remarkably fine version of the X, with a slightly more, well, populist flavor,” Matyszczyk writes. “The biggest, the best, and the best value are the three choices on offer to those who want — or even need — a new iPhone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: With iPhones starting at just $449 up to $1449, there’s now an iPhone for anyone in Apple’s target market (premium smartphones). Apple’s going to set some serious iPhone sales records this cycle!