Pixelmator Pro 1.1.2, a “newly updated image editor is gorgeous and capable of just about everything you need. AppleInsider gives up on it ever entirely replacing Adobe’s tool — for now — but still wishes it would fix some small issues,” William Gallagher reports for AppleInsider.

“One day there will be a review of Pixelmator Pro that doesn’t even mention Adobe Photoshop. Clearly not today, though,” Gallagher reports. “It’s really a compliment that this comparatively new image editor is considered powerful enough to be a competitor. It’s also really a little criticism of Photoshop which is both greatly more expensive and dramatically more complicated.”

“Nonetheless, they are quite different apps aiming at subtly different users,” Gallagher reports. “The newly updated Pixelmator Pro 1.1.2 keeps its $60 price and keeps on improving.”

Full review here.

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