“It’s that time again: another version of macOS is just around the corner,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Intego. “In less than two weeks, you’ll be able to upgrade your Mac to macOS Mojave.”

“The latest version of Apple’s desktop operating system is light on big, new features, but strong on under-the-hood enhancements,” McElhearn writes. “Should you upgrade to Mojave? Can you upgrade your Mac to Mojave? And how should you prepare for this big change?”

“All of Apple’s software will be compatible with Mojave from day one, and many major apps will as well. But there’s a possibility that one or more apps that you depend on won’t be. App developers have plenty of time to ensure the compatibility of their products, but, in some cases, they don’t work quickly enough, or it’s not possible to make their apps compatible,” McElhearn writes. “It is essential that you check to make sure that your apps are compatible.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A good guide and, remember, back up first!