“A number of iMac Pro and MacBook Pro owners have reported issues with macOS enduring kernel panics, with initial investigations into the problems suggesting something connected to Apple’s T2 security chip is to blame — but actual service numbers don’t point to a hardware problem,” Mike Wuerthele and Malcolm Owen report for AppleInsider.

“A common trait found in the error messages is the mention of Bridge OS,” Wuerthele and Owen report. “The Bridge OS is an embedded operating system that is used by the T2 chip, which Apple uses to perform a variety of functions instead of making the processor handle the tasks.”

“While the cause of the kernel panics are unclear, with symptoms and hardware setups varying between users, Apple is seemingly aware of the problem and has been working on it since the start of 2018. One user notes the Kernel Version increase from 17.3.0 to 17.4.0 resulted in fewer panics, reducing the count from a daily occurrence to one that happens once or twice a week,” Wuerthele and Owen report. “In some cases, Apple has reportedly replaced the hardware, but the issue seemingly continued even on the new unit for a few users, suggesting a software conflict of some sort.”

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MacDailyNews Take: With the T2 now in the popular MacBook Pros, not just in niche iMac Pro units, hopefully, Apple figures out the issue and fixes it sooner than later.