“The lines outside Apple stores are proof: People will pay up for the gadget of the moment,” Marisa Gertz and Melinda Grenier report for Bloomberg. “But will the next iPhones — or whatever — really be worth the price?”

“Fact is, a lot of the technologies stuffed in your mobile phone were once the hot gadgets of the day — and today’s models look like raging bargains next to their dusty old cousins,” Gertz and Grenier report. “For instance, adjusting for inflation, a circa 1984 mobile phone would have set you back almost $10,000 at the time.”

“And if you’d been around to buy all the early gizmos shown here,” Gertz and Grenier report, “you’d have forked over the equivalent of more than $25,000.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ve always thought our pocket computers (and cellphones, televisions, still and movie cameras, music players, radios, gaming machines, etc.) were amazing values, and that’s just as true for our $1,149_tax 256GB iPhone X units, too!

Is Apple building ‘The Device?’ – December 10, 2002