Your $1,000 iPhone really is an amazing bargain

“The lines outside Apple stores are proof: People will pay up for the gadget of the moment,” Marisa Gertz and Melinda Grenier report for Bloomberg. “But will the next iPhones — or whatever — really be worth the price?”

“Fact is, a lot of the technologies stuffed in your mobile phone were once the hot gadgets of the day — and today’s models look like raging bargains next to their dusty old cousins,” Gertz and Grenier report. “For instance, adjusting for inflation, a circa 1984 mobile phone would have set you back almost $10,000 at the time.”

“And if you’d been around to buy all the early gizmos shown here,” Gertz and Grenier report, “you’d have forked over the equivalent of more than $25,000.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ve always thought our pocket computers (and cellphones, televisions, still and movie cameras, music players, radios, gaming machines, etc.) were amazing values, and that’s just as true for our $1,149_tax 256GB iPhone X units, too!

Is Apple building ‘The Device?’ – December 10, 2002


  1. The high-end iPhones offer great value. I don’t know that I would use the term “bargain,” though.

    To an old guy like me who was born in the early semiconductor era well before it became commonplace to carry around a digital calculator, must less a pocket computer, the iPhone remains an awe-inspiring device. It is more powerful than desktop or laptop computers from not so long ago and provides incredible flexibility and functionality with its array of sensors and access to the App Store. My kids, however, take it for granted. Human nature, I suppose.

  2. My first Mac was a 1 Mg RAM Mac Plus with 8 Bit MOT 68000 processor, 20 Mg external storage, mono display, AppleTalk networking. It cost $2,000.

    The iPhone X with 64 Gg Storage, 64bit Apple A-11 processor, camera, HDR display, WIFI and cellular connectivity (and a whole bunch of other things the Mac Plus never had) costs $999.

    The pundits, the so-called “experts”, have been denigrating the iPhone X because the price is “too high”. Maybe in their opinion, it is, but the market (where opinions actually matter) the iPhone X is a bargain and iPhone ASPs prove it (3X higher than Android).

    There are those that recognize value, then there are Android buyers.

  3. It’s just so weird that in a world where there are an abundance of expensive products, people have to target the iPhone as being too expensive or how Apple is ripping-off consumers. They fact that consumers are buying the high-end iPhones should be proof enough that they’re not too expensive for everyone. I’m not sure why these questions are being asked about Apple products when they’ve always cost more than competitive products.

    $1000 for a high-end smartphone that’s constantly being used day and day out and should likely last for a couple of years doesn’t seem like a rip-off. Sure, there are less expensive smartphones but that’s the consumers’ choice to decide how much they want to pay for a product. I also wouldn’t call a high-end iPhone a bargain, but that’s just from my financial perspective.

    1. If you look at it from the Swiss Army knife of tech perspective, think of all the separate devices you would need to buy and a large backpack to tote them all on the road into a eatery or on the road. So, it is indeed a bargain …

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