“There has been a lot of speculation lately that Apple is getting ready to create some media bundle that would be under subscription,” Tim Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions. “According to multiple sites, the idea would be to bundle all of their media properties under a special program that mirrors something like Amazon’s Prime services.”

“I have no direct knowledge that this will happen but if you read the tea leaves surrounding Apple’s various acquisitions and new media emphasis, it is not too hard to see this possibility,” Bajarin writes. “With that in mind, their most strategic investment so far this year that could be related to this is Texture, the magazine subscription service that has close to 200 magazines in this service for $9.99 a month. I am a big fan of Texture… The service itself has grown from about 20 magazines at launch to the 200+ available today, and now that Apple owns it, I suspect it will add many more new magazine titles to its offering in the future.”

“If they were to follow Amazon’s Prime example, then any service would also need to have video content too,” Bajarin writes. “I would not be surprised to see Apple buy a couple of the smaller video production companies that already have hits in the market to accelerate their original programming. Also, given their tight relationship with Disney and Pixar, I could even see them trying to tap into some of their skills and content as well. However, well planning by Apple when it comes to subscription infrastructure puts them in an excellent place to deliver an encompassing media subscription service.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re very interested to see how Apple sells Texture subscriptiosn and whether “Apple can save magazines” for real this time around (iPad alone was suposed to do that).

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