“According to Taiwan’s supply chain source (via Sina), Apple is in talk[s] with MediaTek to launch a cheap version of its HomePod speakers to grab more market share,” Jing Moreno reports for Loveios.

“The anonymous source claimed that Apple is preparing to announce the cheap version of HomePod,” Jing reports. “However, it will not be linked to Apple’s name.”

“Instead, it will be under the Beats brand,” Jing reports. “As for price, the low-priced model would cost around $199.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As they do with AirPods for Beats, although they’re not called AirPods, they do house the custom-designed Apple W1 chip which allows them to operate like AirPods. Beats’ “AirPods” are branded “Beats X” and “PowerBeats.”

If Apple does a less expensive “HomePod” under the Beats label, it’s likely it’ll not be called “HomePod.”