“If you use your Mac for more than browsing the occasional website or checking email, chances are you’re working with multiple windows at a time — you might have seven Safari windows open with multiple tabs, a couple instances of your text editor of choice, a Messages window, Photoshop running in the background,” Mikah Sargent writes for iMore.

“I could go on. The point is all those windows start to get in the way, keeping you from completing the work you set out to do when you sat down at your Mac,” Sargent writes. “With a few keyboard shortcuts, some trackpad and mouse gestures, and apps for managing your windows, you can take control of your workspace on macOS.”

“Sometimes the built-in offerings just aren’t powerful enough for your needs,” Sargent writes. “In that case, there are some third-party apps that can help you keep your windows exactly where you want them.”

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