“The Mac App Store is horrifically bad,” Alexander Fox writes for Apple Gazette. “It’s filled with fake software, overpriced applications, and zero modern features. Sure, it’s not like Windows is doing much better, but the Mac App Store is a huge joke. What is keeping Apple from improving the Mac App Store?”

“What makes the Mac App Store so bad?” Fox writes. “There’s more than one reason, that’s for sure.”

The Mac App Store is also filled with scams designed to prey on the technologically illiterate. To be fair, most app stores are like this: Google Play and Microsoft are constantly battling fake and malicious apps in their store. But with Apple’s walled-garden approach, we expected better,” Fox writes. “Just search ‘Microsoft Office’ to find a ton of absolute garbage.”

“It’s hard not to see this neglect as a symptom of Apple’s overall disinterest in the macOS platform,” Fox writes. “While new Mac hardware is finally coming out, it’s been clear for a while that Apple’s heart and soul are in the iPhone and iOS.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back in April 2016:

When you’ve sold yourself on the idea that the iPad is the future of personal computing by swallowing your own marketing hook, line, and sinker, and then fail to deliver on that promise for too long (skimping on RAM, offering underpowered multitasking, etc. – now, finally, largely corrected with iPad Pro), you neglect the horse that brung ya (Macintosh is his name) and shoot yourself in the foot (Q216 results, Mac sales unable to make up for the continued iPad sales decline, and Mac’s streak of outgrowing the PC market shattered)… A big picture revision and course correction would be well advised.

Since we wrote that, Apple’s management has witnessed the indomitability of the Macintosh and of Mac users.

Apple’s course correction (apologies to Mac users, the iMac Pro, promises of a new Mac Pro, etc.) hasn’t yet percolated down to the godawful Mac App Store and the one lonely intern who we imagine is tasked with running the thing. We wouldn’t advise holding your breath waiting for the Mac App Store to transform into something useful.