“The Galaxy S9 may have been designated as the best new smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2018 last week, and it may have been the talk of the town in the weeks leading to the show as well. But the real winner is Apple and its iPhone X,” Chris Smith writes for BGR. “That’s why I included the iPhone X on my list of best things from MWC 2018 this year, even though Apple doesn’t even attend the event each year.”

“Every year, Apple’s presence is felt at trade shows like CES or MWC via a series of new rumors,” Smith writes. “On top of that, Apple released an iPhone ad campaign targeting Android users during MWC, just as Consumer Reports proclaimed the iPhone X’s camera as the best there is right now.”

MacDailyNews Take: Regardless, Consumer Reports is a garbage publication that exists to assuage buyer’s remorse in geriatrics.

“What was evident at the show was that everybody still wants to imitate the iPhone after more than a decade,” Smith writes. “And it’s not just companies from China like Leagoo, Ouikitel, and UleFone that are stealing Apple’s notched display design this year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: These pathetic fragmandroid peddlers are so vacant of original thought that they even copy Apple’s worst inelegant design kludge since Apple TV’s Siri Remote.

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