“Someday far in the future, Apple will have settled fully into using its new macOS filesystem, APFS, and Macworld readers will stop being nervous and confused about it,” Glenn Fleishman writes for Macworld. “Until then, I continue to receive queries in our inbox.”

“APFS is a robust, more efficient, and futureproofed filesystem that has a lot of advantages,” Fleishman writes. “But the transition isn’t complete by any means.”

“Reader Bill emailed wondering about the safety of upgrading his iMacs to macOS High Sierra, since each has a Fusion Drive, Apple’s hybrid of SSD and hard drive,” Fleishman writes. “It’s not unsafe to upgrade, because High Sierra leaves Fusion Drives in HFS+ format. However, I’m assuming that Apple will release an update to High Sierra at some point that sweeps in Fusion Drives… [but] that could be problematic…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, we’d leave it alone until we know APFS works on every drive and with every feature.

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