“Last week, we heard the latest report that Apple is working on updates to AirPods, the wireless headphones it introduced in the fall of 2016,” Jason Snell writes for Macworld. “”

“This report about forthcoming new generations of AirPods hit me in a strange way. Usually, anyone who follows Apple (or any tech company, really) has a wish list of features—realistic ones for the short term, wild dreams for the long term,” Snell writes. “But the AirPods? They emerged from Apple as a fully formed product.”

“I don’t have a lot of complaints about them—they basically exceeded my expectations in every area, and they’re now my go-to headphones for all circumstances where I don’t need zero-latency audio (podcast editing) or to block out loud noises (flying on planes or mowing the lawn),” Snell writes. “How do you improve a product that’s got so little to prove?”

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MacDailyNews Take: We just want a charging case with an indicator light on the outside. Having to opening the top of the case to see it is a “pain,” in a wholly first world way. Everything else, from the fit to the weight of the AirPods, is just fine. Oh, okay, maybe a bit more battery life, but that goes for every portable product.

Apple plans upgrades to popular AirPods wireless earbuds – February 22, 2018