Wreck-It Ralph and Apple’s Mac

“First things first, I think Wreck-It Ralph is an under-appreciated gem of a movie,” Dave Mark writes for The Loop. “Perfectly cast, beautifully animated. And lots and lots of eye candy and Easter eggs.”

MacDailyNews Take: Agreed.

“Yesterday, Disney released the trailer for Wreck-It Ralph 2, AKA Ralph Breaks the Internet,” Mark writes.

“In the trailer, can’t miss it, about 21 seconds in, there’s a shot of a computer interface. In many movies, when they show a computer screen, they’ve mocked up some generic OS. Not sure why, but that happens all the time,” Mark writes. “Not so here. This is a beauty shot of Mac OS 9, AKA System 9, or at least I think it’s System 9.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: And running on a cartoonified Bondi Blue iMac, too!

Based on the trailer, this one also looks like it’ll be great!

Also, there was no “System 9” (Mac OS 7.6 was the first to be branded as “Mac OS”). Steve Jobs billed Mac OS 9 as the best “internet OS ever” which is likely why it’s featured in a movie called Ralph Breaks the Internet.


  1. Mac OS 7.6 was the first build Steve Jobs team came out with after coming back. A welcome stable OS after the disastrous System 7.5.5.
    Not a well known OS, but a stability preview of what was to come with OS 8.

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