“If I asked you to name a few common technology products, office chairs probably wouldn’t make the list. The act of sitting down is such a fundamental human activity that chairs are often overlooked entirely, and rarely thought of as technology,” Michael Steeber reports for 9to5Mac. “Yet, sitting has quietly become an art in itself.”

“The engineering behind a chair can make or break your productivity and its design can compliment or ruin the appearance of room,” Steeber reports. “Multiply that factor by 12,000 – the number of employees expected to occupy the new Apple Park campus in Cupertino – and suddenly choosing the right chair becomes vital.”

“With that in mind, upon hearing that Apple – with guidance by Jony Ive – had picked Vitra’s Pacific Chair as the seat of choice for one of the most creative workforces on earth, I knew I had to try one out myself,” Steeber reports. “The model of Pacific I bought is nearly identical to the configuration Apple chose, save for the material choice: low backrest with fixed, aluminum arms, polished 5-star aluminum base and frame, covered in a light grey ice blue plano fabric. Bloomberg described Apple’s material choice as a ‘deep-sea blue,’ but the closest match I can find on Vitra’s website is a nero ice blue… Next time, I would probably choose the medium backrest for more support.”

Vitra's Pacific task chair

Vitra’s Pacific task chair

Much more in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: The chair is overrated and its defining visual feature, the aluminum armrests, are a classic example of form over function as they’re often cold, hard, and uncomfortable. We’ll stick with our far more adjustable and comfortable Herman Miller Classic Aeron chairs, thanks.

Apple is leading a revolution in office chairs – December 7, 2017