“You might have missed it over the long weekend, but yesterday (Jan. 15) marked the 10th anniversary of the introduction of the MacBook Air by Steve Jobs on stage at Macworld,” Andrew E. Freedman writes for LAPTOP Magazine. “When he removed its sleek chassis from a manilla envelope, it changed laptops forever; competitors raced to make their own machines that thin and light. However, with Apple barely updating this laptop for several years, it’s time for the MacBook Air to take a one-way trip to the gadget closet in the sky.”

“The Air became one of our favorite notebooks of all, and we gave it high ratings and numerous editors’ choice awards. But today, in 2018, the MacBook Air has lost its relevance. It didn’t have to be this way,” Freedman writes. “Apple could have continued to upgrade the Air with top-notch features like a Retina display, Thunderbolt 3, Touch ID and even longer battery life. But Apple has instead focused on the 12-inch MacBook as its flagship thin notebook (one might call it the ‘Air apparent’), and the MacBook Air has languished.”

“Apple’s last update of the MacBook Air was a small processor bump to a fifth-generation Intel Broadwell CPU in 2017. (Most new notebooks have 8th or 7th Gen CPUs. The fifth-gen option was old even then.) The laptop still uses the same basic chassis design that it had in 2010,” Freedman writes. “If Apple isn’t going to give the Air a full, true refresh, then it’s time for it to go.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, the MacBook Air’s usefulness, beyond offering a low entry-level price, as been supplanted by the rather fabulous 12-inch MacBook.

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