“Wireless charging is not particularly new technology, but this year at CES 2018, we’re seeing it show up in a big way,” Chaim Gartenberg reports for The Verge. “Tons of companies are releasing new products in a wide variety of form factors and styles.”

“Specifically, we’re seeing a huge wave of Qi wireless chargers, the popular industry standard that’s used by major smartphone companies like Samsung, LG, and many others,” Gartenberg reports. “The standard has actually been around for years, but last fall, Apple introduced Qi charging to its new iPhone 8 and iPhone X models which brought an influx of new users.”

“Apple jumping on board meant two things: lots of new customers looking for Qi pads, and the effective end of the other main wireless charging standard, PWA,” Gartenberg reports. “In fact, PowerMat, which created PWA, announced this year at CES that all of its future chargers will include Qi. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.’

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s not real until Apple does it.