“Though many Wall Street analysts are looking at the same data points, they diverge on how the past few weeks have played out for Apple Inc. and its tenth-anniversary iPhone,” Emily Bary reports for MarketWatch.

“Analysts at KeyBanc Capital Market, for example, cited ‘mediocre iPhone X search volume’ on Thursday, in a note arguing that iPhone X unit sales upside was ‘unlikely,'” Bary reports. “Global search volume for the iPhone X was comparable to that for the iPhone 6S, the analysts wrote, while “well below” volume for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7.”

MacDailyNews Take: They forgot to factor in the price of ping pong balls in China.

“Raymond James analysts, meanwhile, wrote in late November that ‘all qualitative data points’ looked ‘reasonably good’ around Black Friday, pointing to search volume trends that were ‘consistent with decent year-over-year global demand for the new iPhone lineup,'” Bary reports. “Analysts at Piper Jaffray also think that there’s plenty of consumer interest in the phones, citing a survey of “more than 400 current iPhone owners.” Nearly half of those surveyed said they ‘will’ or ‘may’ get a new phone within a year, compared with just 30% in the prior year’s survey.”

Apple's iPhone X. Say hello to the future.

Apple’s iPhone X. Say hello to the future.

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MacDailyNews Take: Let the supply continue to ramp up. The more iPhone X units that get out there, and as people see them in the hands of friends and family and get to try them, the more sales will ramp.

Anyone who has an iPhone that’s not an iPhone X will want an iPhone X eventually – it’s that much better!

We won’t see any decent guesses of iPhone X unit sales (only Apple knows for sure and they won’t be telling) until we have the total iPhone unit sales and the iPhone ASP for the quarter. And, even then, without explicit info from Apple, that’s all it’ll be, a guess.