“Apple’s played a central role in podcast since its earliest days — heck, even the term was borrowed from its big hardware product at the time,” Brian Heater reports for TechCrunch. “But the company’s marketshare appears to have eroded somewhat as players like Google and Spotify have entered the market, reportedly down from 70-percent of podcast downloads in 2015 to 55-percent in 2017.”

“This morning, the Hot Pod newsletter reported that the company had picked up a small Bay Area-based startup called Pop Up Archive in what appears to the be an effort to build up its in-house podcasting tools,” Heater reports. “The startup abruptly closed up shop late last month, a day after posting message on Twitter asking users to download all of their content before then.”

“iTunes and the iPhone Podcast app could greatly benefit from additional contextual search,” Heater writes. “It would go a long way toward finding and recommending content via the service”

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MacDailyNews Take: Pop Up Archive allowed users to upload audio files and the service would provide machine transcription and, importantly, auto-generate tags from the material which, as Heater notes, could improve Apple’s Podcast search.