“In the latest in a long line of leaks lately, a recent report says that the upcoming iMac Pro will also include an A10 Fusion chip—the same processor that powers the iPhone 7 series,” Dan Moren writes for Macworld. “This is a shoe we’ve been expecting to drop for some time, and it’s fueled a lot of discussion of whether or not a Mac solely powered by an ARM processor might be in the offing.”

“I think it’s pretty clear that if this report is true—and the evidence is solid enough to believe it is—that this first Mac with an ARM chip won’t be the last,” Moren writes. “But at the same time, it doesn’t mean that Apple’s about to throw the x86 architecture to the side and put all its chips — if you’ll pardon the expression — on ARM.”

“The A10 chip in the iMac Pro seems to be relegated to certain specific functions, though we don’t know all the details of its responsibilities yet. Secure boot has been mentioned as one task, which would also have the side effect of making it harder to run macOS on unauthorized hardware. But the other prominent feature that the A10 apparently handles is “Hey Siri” functionality for the Mac,” Moren writes. “But this is all just the start.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Also, as A-series chips proliferate across the Mac family and they become intrinsic to macOS operation, the “hackintosh” will be relegated to history.

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