“There was a time when I was at the forefront of every new release from Apple. I would watch each WWDC event with eager anticipation for the next release of OSX and iOS, even getting in on public betas and even obtaining developer betas from dodgy sources just so I could be ahead of the crowd,” Simon Royal writes for Low End Mac. “So why am I sitting here with a 2012 11-inch Macbook Air that is more than capable of running Apple’s latest release macOS High Sierra and still running Sierra?”

“High Sierra seems to be one of those minor releases, an update offering speed fixes, improved stability and a few tweaks over its predecessor, which I would class as a major update. For me Sierra is perfectly fine, it does everything I need and High Sierra offers no new amazing features that I can’t live without. I don’t use Safari, I’m not interested in 4K streaming nor VR,” Royal writes. “The horror stories of upgrading to the new APFS drive format leaving some Macs useless is another reason that has put me off.”

“Perhaps I am again entered an era of low end, sporting a 5 year old Mac and last year’s OS,” Royal writes. “But until a time that my tiny Mac doesn’t do what I need I am staying firmly put.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If, like Simon, you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and upgrade to macOS High Sierra if your Mac and apps are supported. It’s better, faster, and, likely, safer, too.