“As a longtime Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom user, I periodically consider buying a digitizer, such as a Wacom tablet, to better take advantage of editing with brushes and other tools that work with pen-based input,” Jeff Carlson writes for Macworld. “I know photographers and artists who swear by them, but it would be a significant expense for my comparatively modest editing needs.”

“It turns out, though, I already have an excellent pen-based touchscreen device: an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil,” Carlson writes. “Astropad Studio ($79.99 per year) turns that iPad Pro into a digitizer. Most Wacom tablets incorporate a pen-sensitive surface that transmits strokes and taps over a wire. If you want to spend at least $800, the Wacom Cintiq provides a touch-sensitive screen on which to work… Astropad Studio does the same on the iPad Pro you already own, wired or wirelessly… [and] is an impressive way to incorporate pen input into Mac drawing or image editing.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A decade of Astropad Studio ($799.90) on your various iPad Pro units over the years seems very competitive vs. one Wacom tablet that quite likely won’t last nearly that long.